We Love Lists!

We at Coffeenotes are obsessed with list making. We all make lists for everything, all day long, it's how we get so much done! We have designed a notepad to suit every list making occasion, and all our stationery is made from recycled coffee cups, so it's sustainable too.

There’s the super functional Tall List Pad designed for shopping lists, holiday reminders, or family notes like 'please feed the dog'! Then there’s the award winning Medio Organiser Pad for the über list maker, complete with dots, lines, and squares for budgeting.

All our notepads are printed with dots on the reverse to encourage double use - we told you we don't like waste! Happy list making

Discover the Collections

Celebrating recycled and repurposed papers, our sustainable stationery features writing paper made in part from recycled coffee cups. Minimalist in style: we let the papers do the talking.

Cafe Collection

Made from {re}purposed coffee waste and upcycled coffee cups. Simple, warm colours finished with creamy textures and splatters of coffee. As comforting as a latte in the afternoon.

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Nut Collection

Made from {re}purposed agro-industrial waste and upcycled coffee cups. Muted tones with subtle speckles of natural fruits and nuts. Overflowing with organic goodness.

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Fruit Collection

Made from {re}purposed agro-industrial waste and upcycled coffee cups. Refresh your stationery collection with our mellow Kiwi and Grape; and punchy Cherry red covers.

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Beer Collection

Made from {re}purposed brewing waste and upcycled coffee cups. Inspired by the art of beer brewing – our boldest collection harks back to the earliest breweries in Europe. Rich golden and brown tones: coarse grain texture. 

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Tailor's Collection

Made from {re}purposed textile waste and upcycled coffee cups. Tweed patterns and cotton flecks are styled against cool colours. Like a tailored jacket, this collection is one of a kind.

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Pure Collection

Made from 100% {re}cycled pulp and upcycled coffee cups. Neutral tones in Black, Grey and Kraft for those who like their stationery clean; understated. A rugged texture adds a layer of protection against marks.

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Classic Collection

Made from {re}cycled and virgin fibres, and upcycled coffee cups. Complementary colours in deep Burgundy, Forest and Indigo. Plus a satisfying textured surface. Stationery that never goes out of style.

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Vibrant Collection

Made from {re}cycled and virgin fibres, and upcycled coffee cups. A dazzling, contemporary colour palette with smooth paper texture. Proving that recycled stationery needn't be boring.

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