Recycled Coffee Cup Paper

Our signature writing paper is made from coffee cups.

Did you know 2.5 billion cups are thrown away every year in the UK? This is because takeaway coffee cups have a plastic coating on the inside which means they can’t be recycled through normal schemes.

To tackle this environmental issue, the UK’s leading paper mill based in Cumbria established CupCycling™- the world’s first scheme dedicated to recycling paper coffee cups.

The innovative circular design process results in zero waste. By removing the plastic lining during the process, 95% of the cup waste can be transformed back into paper, and the remaining 5% is used for energy in the paper production.

Together, we worked with the mill to craft an original paper using the waste. Designed with a specific weight and thickness plus a subtly textured surface, we've created a robust and stylish paper: perfect for writing on.

What's more is we've gone one step further and designed all of our products to be easily recyclable once you're finished with them.

A truly closed-loop product.

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