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We've joined forces with one of our all time favourite brands, South West based, reusable cup makers Circular&Co.

We are giving away 5 prizes of Circular&Co. Reusable Cups and our Sustainable Stationery.  Each winner will recieve three beautifully useful Circular&Co. Reusable Cups in 227ml, 340ml, and 454ml and Coffeenotes Seven Day Planner, Wirebound Medio Notebook, Organiser Pad, and List Pad worth over £80. To enter like, share and tag friends. Instagram @coffeenotes_stationery or @circularandco.  Good Luck!

Circular&Co. like Coffeenotes, believe that circular design is the key to a sustainable future; using repurposed material to create products that are recyclable. Their motto is 'Made from waste to end waste'.  

Over 500 billion coffee cups globally end up in landfill ever year creating an ecological disaster as the plastic can't be removed from the paper cups so they end up leaching plastic waste into landfill dumps .  We want to help stop this by encouraging people to use Circular&Co. Reusable Cups whilst re purposing recycled coffee cups to make beautiful Coffeenotes sustainable stationery.

More about Circular&Co.

Circular&Co. design and manufacture a range of award-winning, Circular Reusables and Returnables, leading the transition away from single-use forever. Since its origins 20 years ago, the business has been driven by the sustainable principles of Circular Design. Circular&Co. is leading the way towards a circular future through ground-breaking products such as the Circular Returnable Cup,launched in February this year. They believe in the power of scale for good and work with major corporations and brands advising on circularity and designing circular products into their supply chains. 

By using waste materials to make new products which are then fully recyclable, they can reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution; the three core challenges humanity faces. By joining on this mission for Circularity, together we can all take real steps towards a sustainable future. 

The Circular Returnable Cup has been uniquely and specifically designed to meet the urgent global need for returnable packaging solutions. After 2 years of development, and 12 months of field testing in a variety of returnable cup pilot projects, Circular&Co. present the first truly Circular Returnable Cup designed specifically for commercial use. The design and innovation team have considered each detail of the cup’s journey from the bottom up, from drying time and stack-ability, to what a barista needs for the perfect latte pour, to the user’s drinking experience.

Pioneers of circular design for 20 years, Circular&Co. are driving the returnable packaging revolution.  The solution to the single-use coffee cup problem. The Circular Returnable cup is designed specifically to meet the commercial demands of the hot drinks industry. 

Go to Circular& to to check out their beautiful colours and finishes and never accept another single use coffee cup again!





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