How writing things down could change your life…..?

It’s that time of year when we can feel inspired about learning something new.

Whether you’re off to university, back to school, or starting a Spanish night class; you will need to put pen to paper to really make your learning memorable.

There’s a mass of scientific research supporting the power of writing things down to improve learning, memory, recall and creativity.  It seems that typing notes on a lap top, phone or tablet, just doesn’t help your brain work effectively.

A recent article from Psychology Today  analysed the research comparing paper notebook use, with inputting on a digital device, and gave four reasons why writing things down has big benefits for your life, and your learning.

      1. It’s faster than typing on a screen.

      2. It triggers more robust brain activity.

      3. It’s more accurate and has more personalised flairs.

      4. It develops stronger neural encoding and memory retrieval.

There's the often-cited 2014 US study from Daniel M. Oppenheimer and Pam A. Mueller from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, called “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Keyboard,” which shows that writing notes by hand allowed participants to retain information better than those who typed on a laptop, even if they wrote fewer words overall.

The effect on children’s learning is also significant, and with a new school year about to start, the research could prove a wake up call to parents and educators to restrict the use of digital devices to take notes.  The Guardian’ Why writing still matters in a digital age examines the impact of why it’s important for brain activity and motor skills for children to continue to learn

And if you needed yet more proof of the benefits of writing things down in a notebook, rather than a digital device, there’s the added advantage of not exposing you to the addictive diversions of social media. Allowing you more time for real life, creativity, and learning

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