Going Green: Make Your Notebook Recyclable!

It's Recycling Awareness Week 18-26th September in the UK,  

so how recyclable is your current stationery?

Most people mistakenly believe that you can recycle mass produced stationery because it is made of paper; but most of the bindings and covers are composites of plastics, metal, laminates, glue, excessive ink and foiling, making it impossible to recycle and much of it ending up in landfill.

At Coffeenotes we do things differently. We make award winning sustainable stationery in the UK, using our bespoke recycled coffee cup paper; our covers are made from repurposed waste from food, drink, and textile manufacturing; our wires are plastic free; we keep glue and ink to a minimum so that the whole product is recyclable in your household waste or compost with absolutely nothing going to landfill. Even our production is carbon neutral, thanks to our support of the World Land Trust.

Recycling and repurposing is a vital tool in our fight to avert climate change, we all have to become the change we want to see. 

Here's some of our top five sustainability goals we are aiming for at Coffeenotes-

  • Reduce, recycle reuse - at work and at home. We say no to single use plastics.
  • Travel responsibly - walk, bike and holiday closer to home.
  • Eat sustainably - reduce meat consumption, buy local, and grow your own if you can.
  • Support sustainable businesses doing the right thing, locally.
  • Donate either with money or time - we are supporting the World Land Trust who are helping to permanently protect endangered habitats around the world. 

Join the sustainable stationery revolution.

Coffeenotes - helping to rewrite the planet’s future.  SHOP NOW 

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